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In Conversation with Aakaar | New Song ‘Kathor’ | with @MontyisLive ​

In Conversation with Aakaar | New Song ‘Kathor’ | with @MontyisLive ​

Aakaar is new-generational hip-hop and rap artist who brings in a new age of melodious, catchy choruses filled with thought-provoking ideas, his bilingual rap getting audiences hooked with every show. Influenced by excellent Pakistani talent amongst the likes of Hasan Raheem, Maanu, Shamoon Ismail, and more, Aakaar finds his style to be a culmination of various musical cultures across the Asian as well as Western fronts.

Kathor is Aakaar’s debut single release that came out on August 19, 2022, after being in the making for over two years. Starting at the songwriting stage in late 2020, Aakaar reached out to similar artists throughout the time to get the image of the song clear on the production side of things. Setting up a collaboration with seasoned indie artist Polymancer, Aakaar finally launches his debut bilingual track on all platforms this fall.

Born and brought up in New Delhi and later shifting to Gurugram, Aakaar’s music connects to the idea of life being unforgiving in its clearest nature, as well as a regular connection to his own personal events and battles that he can relate to and help the audience connect to as well. Aakaar takes major inspiration from his city and the way it has molded him into becoming the artist that he is today.

With consecutive releases planned across all platforms big and small, Aakaar envisions changing the rap and hip-hop scene in the country with his melodious tracks and smooth flow.

Check out his exclusive interview with Monty Kataria.

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