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This Diverse “White Savior” Comic Book Will Save Your Weekend

This Diverse “White Savior” Comic Book Will Save Your Weekend

This Diverse "White Savior" Comic Book Will Save Your Weekend

If you are a comic book fan and have been on the look out for an action number that you will really enjoy, this is it! The White Savior, a marvelous spoof of The Last Samurai.

The underlying concept relies heavily on the “white savior complex,” where white saviors perpetuate the idea that “good” white folks have the authority and duty to swoop in and “save” the world, especially for colored people, from oppression rather than following the lead of colored people.

Our fumbling and stumbling Asian American hero for whom tales told by his grandfather were mere folklores, suddenly become reality, when he falls through time and realises that he needs to save a Japanese village from following the “white savior” to their deaths.

This Diverse "White Savior" Comic Book Will Save Your WeekendFrom acclaimed artist Eric Nguyen, Scott Burman (Daily Motion), and Dark Horse Comics (Hellboy, Umbrella Academy) this action-packed satire is hellbent on dismantling the white savior trope once and for all! Before “White Savior,” Nguyen notably worked with Marvel and DC on “Old Man Logan,” “The Immortal Hulk” and “Batman: Arkham Unhinged.”

In films, comics, and television, whitewashing and “white saviors” have been commonplace, and nothing has ever addressed the problem head-on while appealing to mass audiences. This comic spoof is an opportunity to not only shine a light on the problem, but laugh like hell doing it.

The character introductions are on-point and the switch between the present time and past are total fun. You will actually end up thinking you would have said the same thing if you were in place of the caracters.

Check out the webiste and make sure you get your copy of “White Savior” right here:

We hope this will soon be made into an animated series or better still a movie so that it can reach a wider audience.

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