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Lara Raj Aims To Ace HYBE x Geffen Global Girl Band Audition

Lara Raj Aims To Ace HYBE x Geffen Global Girl Band Audition

Lara Raj Aims To Ace HYBE x Geffen Global Girl Band Audition

Lara Raj is currently a trainee and contestant with Hybe-Geffen Records, in the Dream Academy HQ program for their first-ever global girl group.

In collaboration with Geffen Records, HYBE, the South Korean entertainment company behind supergroup like BTS, has unveiled the 20 contestants who will vie for a place in the first-ever HYBE x Geffen Records global girl group. The competitors, from different parts of the globe, were chosen from over 120,000 submissions that flowed after the announcement of the HYBE x Geffen Global Girl Group Audition in November 2021.

Contestant ages range from 14 to 21, and they come from both the United States and South Korea as well as several countries across the world in Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America.

Raj is a 17-year-old singer, producer, dancer, songwriter, and model.

She is known for her powerhouse vocals and lead presence in Michelle Obama’s campaign for the Global Girls’ Alliance.

She attended the prestigious performing arts high school, Laguardia High in NYC & LACHSA in LA.

In 2018 Lara made her Netflix debut on NBC’s “The Blacklist.”

She was a company dancer with Broadway Dance Center, where she performed and competed across national stages.

Lara Raj has also appeared in Spotify’s global commercial, Macy’s back-to-school commercial, Dallas Mavericks Game as a half-time performer, and Good Morning Texas as their holiday music lead.

Lara is very passionate about her Indian culture and loves expressing it through her own style! She has always felt a lack of representation for South Asians in the Western music industry, and wants to change that! Raj believes in the power of being authentic, and confident, and is unapologetically herself!

She strives to make her audience feel their most empowered!

The audition for the Dream Academy began airing on YouTube on September 1st and will run for nearly three months before the final group is decided during the audition’s finale on November 17th. By then, the group’s name will also be introduced.

You can vote for Lara Raj on YouTube and WeVerse. See links below:

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