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Aashim Joy

Meet Aashim Joy, an Indian residing in the USA. He was diagnosed with Leukemia in July this year. Leukemia is basically a cancer of the blood cells, it begins in the bone marrow and results in the release of abnormally high white blood cells in the body. While some types of Leukemia are incurable and can only be suppressed by medication, there are a few others which can be treated by radiation and bone marrow transplant.

Aashim Joy

The life of a Leukemia patient is majorly owned by the illness, both in terms of time and energy. It ends up affecting their daily life to a huge extent, thus causing signs of withdrawal and depression in the patient.

Aashim, an optimist, is undergoing a treatment which would require a bone marrow transplant in the near future. He is requesting you, the people of USA, to help him find a bone marrow donor! The bone marrow stem cells donation has become relatively common over the past few years, its risks to the donor are minimal and it can help the patient live for many more years than it would be possible without the treatment.

Aashim Joy

Aashim understands that it is extremely hard to find a matching donor of varying ethnicity, but he is hopeful that the initiative would help save somebody’s life, if not his own!

Approximately 4800 people are diagnosed with Leukemia in the USA every year. This is a huge number, but if you can save even one life by donating your bone marrow stem cells, it would go a long way in making the world a better place!

We are calling out for all our USA readers to register themselves and spread the word regarding this. Let’s join hands and give Aashim Joy another chance at experiencing the joy of this beautiful life we’re gifted with!

Aashim Joy

You and your fellow US residents can register as a donor on this website:

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