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Top 10 Ticklish Tweets By Vir Das

Top 10 Ticklish Tweets By Vir Das

Vir Das

Vir Das is one stand-up comedian that you simply cannot miss. He’s spontaneous, quirky, and extremely humorous (which is why he’s a world-renowned comedian), who has performed in innumerable stages for the global audience.

Vir Das

Now, his shows are available on Netflix to constantly keep you engaged in the laughter spree. Not only has he performed on a myriad of shows making his audience roll with laughter, but he has also acted in numerous Bollywood movies like Mastizaade, Delhi Belly, and Go Goa Gone.

He is an active Tweeter and his tweets go viral not just for their amazing humor, but also for his concern about the issues that affect him and the country at large.

We bring you top 10 tweets by Vir Das. Read through, enjoy and stay tuned as he is coming to New York City on November 9!

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1. The comedian giving us some serious life advice wrapped in slapstick comedy. Indeed people hate moving objects when they remain stagnant!

2. Everyone can talk about politics, so long as they pay their taxes.

3. Well, Arnab needs to fix his “I’ll talk as I run the channel” attitude to avoid such trolls!

4. Something every person requires! If Apple has the best AI, then it should also train to understand mood swings. That’s what we expect in the next Apple X series!

5. True that. Ultimately you think something that’s not thought before only to sell that package you’ve placed in the box. Whether it is a product or an idea, the principle is the same

6. If you ask stupid questions, this is what you’ll receive!

7. Amazing thought on religion. Guess if you sit back, relax and take a sip of your wine, you’d think on the same terms, too.

8. Yes! This one is absolutely true. You are the one that’s spun on the dance floor whether you like the song or not.

9. Well, you cannot deny this fact. If it’s  #INDvPak it’s a war, not a game. People pray, not cheer!

10. Did you like Beauty and the Beast? If yes, do not scroll down!



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