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Top 6 Eyebrow Trends That Ruled The World!!!

Top 6 Eyebrow Trends That Ruled The World!!!


Thick, slim, rounded and more! Don’t twist your heads, we’re just talking about the royal eyebrow shapes and styles that have been trending for years. It can be undoubtedly said that no facial feature has been through the kind of transformation that our eyebrows have! As crazy as some of these trends may sound; we, women, absolutely love to have our eyebrows on fleek. And why not? Eyebrows go a long way in defining and embellishing our face. In fact, in the current selfie era, women are fancying the ‘ideal brows’ more than ever before.

1. The needle-thin straight brows

eyebrowsGrievously plucked and trimmed into needle-thin, stubbornly straight brows were widely trending back in the 1920s & 30s. Today, we might look at someone with similar brows and wonder what they were thinking, but back in the 1920s-30s, women totally owned those narrow dark brows!

2.  The arched lush brows

eyebrowsThis fascinating trend of the 1950s, which was best adopted by the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, is our personal favorite! The strong brows with a sharp arch was definitely a fresh and much-appreciated transformation.

3.  The au naturel brows


Yet another different trend that we highly admire! The 1970s were marked with natural, negligibly-groomed brows. This trend gained such popularity, that even today if one goes untamed with their eyebrows, they’re said to be bringing back the 70s!

4. The more, the better brows


Those of us who have shamelessly obsessed over Madonna’s thick-bushy-on fleek brows understand what we’re talking about! The 1980’s saw women ditching their pluckers and letting their beautiful brows grow freely. This is definitely the trend we have the most nostalgia remembering!

5. The pencil-line round brows


After a glamorous decade of bushy brows, the 1990s welcomed back the pencil-thin brows, only they were rounder this time! We can’t complain, these chic brows were basically well-groomed silhouettes and Kate Moss pulled them off flawlessly.

6. The power brows


These are the bolder, fuller brows that we thoroughly love in the current decade. We seem to have permanently thrown away our tweezers and embraced the bold and sexy natural brows; or well, sometimes manually crafted them with brow-fillers!

We can’t wait to see what’s coming up next in terms of brow-trends! However, with that said and done- just like our bodies, our eyebrows come in varying shapes and sizes too, and whether they match the current trend or not, they’re flawless and must be loved immensely.

Swarnima Mor

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