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Top 5 Diwali Gift Baskets To Grab This Season

Top 5 Diwali Gift Baskets To Grab This Season

Diwali basket

With Diwali just around the corner, many are scouting to pick the right Diwali gifts for their friends and family. We chart out some of the top favorites of the season:

1. Exotic Tea Gift Baskets:

Diwali basketWith many tea boutiques mushrooming by the day, gifting tea hampers that pack in exotic elements such as aromatic floral tea, jasmine infused tea leaves, herbal green tea and other exotic blends can turn out to be great gifting options. Pair it with well-designed strainers and infusers, and they would team up perfectly to be an interesting gift basket.

2. Flavored Nuts:

Diwali basketShed the regular drab boxes of cashews and almonds, and pick bottles of nuts that bring out delicious flavors such as cheddar cheese and peri-peri. A plethora of online stores enable customers to customize their gift packages according to their taste.

3. Signature Diwali Gift Baskets:

Diwali basketHotels and boutiques are now on a spree to offer handmade couture and signature Diwali gift baskets, that include interesting packs ranging from marzipan fruits, freshly baked cakes, diyas and homemade macaroons.

4. Bakes and Cakes:

Diwali basketBakeries and cafes offer festive gift baskets that include goodies such as dessert jars, cake pops, coconut bars, white chocolate cranberry bars, cookies and Italian Biscotti, and cheese sticks.

5. Healthy Gift Baskets:

Diwali basketFor those who love to binge on healthy and organic food can choose from a range of refreshing sherbets, healthy seeds, and essential oils, amongst others, as gifting options to friends and family.

Plan this weekend to shop for your truckload of goodies and save yourself from the next week’s market rush as the festival of lights draws closer.


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