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Diwali Getaway Hubs: Travel Destinations For The Weekend

Diwali Getaway Hubs: Travel Destinations For The Weekend

Varanasi Diwali

Celebrations galore, families are sketching vacations for the Diwali weekend. Be it a short getaway or a long escapade, we’ve covered some of the top destinations to visit with your family for the occasion:

1. Varanasi:

Varanasi Diwali

A top destination for the festival of lights, the city welcomes many visitors during this auspicious season. With its myriad lakes and grand, opulent celebrations, the city lights up with festivities and diyas.

2. Matheran:


Located very close to the bustling city that Mumbai is, Matheran dons a lush, green avatar come Diwali. For those looking to escape to the hills for a quiet getaway with the family, Matheran might prove to be your best choice. Its hilly escapades, meandering rivers and still lakes are a treat for the vacationer.

3. Amritsar:

Golden Temple Amritsar

With its beautiful Golden Temple, Amritsar boasts of rich traditions, color and delicious food. Its special treats welcome many a tourist. Part of a massive Gurdwara complex, the temple draws many with its expansive lake, which forms the focus of attention along with the glistening shrine.

4. Kutch:


The expansive desert in Gujarat evokes much splendor. Its beautiful landscape is hard to miss and is pitched as one of the top destinations for the season. Stretching along India’s desert line, Kutch is pitched as the country’s largest district – and a phenomenal one at that.

5. Ayodhya:


One of the most auspicious places, being home to Lord Ram, many tag this as a top vacation spot for Diwali. With its holy setting for the Ramayana, this ancient city has been in the midst of religious turf and has played host to many travelers across the globe.

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