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Pet Stories: Celebrating Pet Tales On Instagram

Pet Stories: Celebrating Pet Tales On Instagram

pets of instagram

With technology evolving by the day, pets are living the high life, too. Pet lovers across the globe are updating social media accounts for their pets, regaling many with their pets’ antics and funny incidents.

pets of instagram

So why should our South Asian celebrities be held back? Many have taken to social media to celebrate the high life of their pets. This phenomenon is also bringing bout more awareness about pets and their care. Dog lovers and cat lovers are making these furballs famous, some in fact more famous than their owners!

We chart out some of the top pet accounts of South Asian celebrities on Insta:

1. Umair Jaswal:  Vocalist, lyricist & songwriter from Pakistan, his fans simply adore his dogs as much as they adore his songs and charms. As a youth icon, he is clearly ruling the social media scene along with his dogs.

2. Priyanka Chopra: Her little chihuahua, Diana has made a special place in each of our hearts and we miss her as much as Priyanka does whenever she is away! So our dear PC is definitely going the Hollywood celebrity way with her little furball in her bag!

3. Anoushey Ashraf: Television presenter and blogger from Pakistan, she enthralls her followers with stories of her 3 dogs! An ambassador for the WWF she is an advocate for animal welfare and loves her dogs dearly!

4. Sophie Choudry:  She has a special page for her super cute Shih Tzu puppy Tia! Though Sophie herself has been out of the paparazzi glare for a long time, her little doggo seems to be garnering more and more attention.

5. Kishwer Merchant:  This Indian television actor’s little beagle has over 31K followers! Still remembered from his  Remix days, for this actor, his dogs’ social media fondness is surely a matter of sporting jealousy!


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