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South Asia’s Eccentric Cultural Delicacies

South Asia’s Eccentric Cultural Delicacies

snail stew

South Asia has played host to some of the most bizarre and unusual food, ranging from food items that evoke a foul stench to ones that are topped with frog legs.

Here are some of the truly bizarre delicacies that South Asians love to indulge in:

1. Kapooray: This is basically cooked goat testicles! A speciality in Pakistan, this dish is revered by people who do not like to waste any part of the sacrificial animal.


2. Red Ants Chutney: Chaprah is a pungent chutney, made of red ants and their eggs. This tribal dish is famous in the Bastar region of India.

red ant chutney unusual delicacies

3. Eri Polu:  This is a popular food ingredient in Assam and is basically the pupa of the Eri silkworm. Once the silk is extracted by boiling the cocoon in hot water, the leftover silkworm- the pupa- is prepared with Khorisa (bamboo shoot).

Eri Polu Unusual delicacies

4. Snail Stew: A speciality from Nagaland, this particular dish is prepared in more than 15 variations according to the different tribes living in the state.

snail stew

5. Frog Legs: Very popular in parts of eastern India, monsoons are awaited by people who relish the dish to catch hold of the juiciest frog!

frog legs


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