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Bloopers From Famous Indian Politicians

Bloopers From Famous Indian Politicians

politicians narendra modi

politicians narendra modiWhat happens when politicians start worrying over “2 out of 1 child”, who is malnourished in Gujarat and “10 out of 7 youths”, who are hooked on drugs in Punjab? Well, it simply means, “politics is on your shirt, in your pant” (Ahem, excuse me!) rather than in your head, and little remains to be said or done thereafter!

Narendra modi feku If India had in the past a galaxy of brilliant, outstanding, and challenging polymaths like Vivekanand and Subhash Chandra Bose, who lead the nation and challenged the British, India today boasts of leaders who are science-challenged, mathematics-challenged, as well as history-and-geography-challenged!

Rahul gandhi politiciansThe credit for the biggest goof-ups in politics goes not to the talented scion of the Gandhi family, but to someone who has made it his political pastime to make fun of his many talents. The big daddy of neo-nationalist politics seems to have stolen a leaf from the young Gandhi’s political playbook, which is full of scintillating gems of knowledge and wisdom.

If the young Gandhi prodigy used to score 100 out of 0 in mathematics in school, Modi probably used to take Ayurvedic tonic of knowledge made from the holy cow’s famed blessings that cannot only cure any incurable disease and but also be used as fuel in airplanes (ones that were used by gods in the Vedic period). Fuelled by the charismatic tonic, Modi, as we know, is excellent in history and geography.

modinomicsThus, it took a genius like Modi to find out that Takshashila was in Bihar and not Pakistan. He most-probably performed a thought-experiment like Einstein to find it out! Moreover, whoever knew that Alexander’s army (that never crossed the Ganges) was defeated in Bihar! Similarly, we owe to Modi the knowledge kept under lock and key by anti-nationals that Shyamaprasad Mookherjee (not Shyamji Krishna Verma), the founding member of the Jan Sangh, the predecessor of his party, was the“proud son of Gujarat” rather than Bengal.

modi politics

Modi has a galaxy of handpicked ministers and advisors. One of them is Prakash Javadekar (Education Minister), who stunned India by his exceptional learning saying that SC Bose, Sardar Patel, and Nehru were sent to the gallows. Another talented leader of the BJP, Sangeet Som, revealed that the Mughal ruler who built the Taj Mahal had imprisoned his son in it.

FaceBook Modi So, next time, Mr. Modi addresses you from “Lal Darwaza” (not Lal Quila) and pays homage to Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi (not Mohandas) or Mr. Rahul Gandhi tells you “emotionally” that “This morning, I got up at night”, and you start feeling as if you would crack up or go mad, that you cannot take this anymore and that you would burst out any minute and start crying, just remind yourself that all you need is a glass of freshly-procured Ayurvedic tonic made from Yogi Raj’s favorite cow’s urine!
And yes, it can be ordered online!

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