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Top 5 Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Top 5 Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Kids safe online

In a world that’s got everyone up and running – along with their mobile devices and internet – has welcomed kids to indulge in the exciting world that internet is today. But with the rise of social media applications, how safe are kids when online? Reports crop up highlighting incidents of cybercrime and internet safety being compromised.

What are the options that can help one negate the apprehensions and keep children safe online? We have sketched some of the best apps you can rely on:

1. Angel Child Monitoring:

Kids safe onlineThe application allows parents to monitor their child’s whereabouts real-time, through a GSM and GPS-enabled mobile device.

2. Safe Browser:

Kids safe onlineThis is a cloud-based platform that blocks inappropriate content and monitors close to 8 million websites every day.

3. MamaBear:

Kids safe online

This is an all-in-one app that includes everything from parents’ groups, to child monitoring.

4. Children TV:

Kids safe online

Want to make sure that your kids are watching the right content online? Here’s where Children TV comes in handy!

5. Kids Place:

Kids safe online

Many times, parents look for platforms which will enable them to use child lock systems online to restrict the child’s access to inappropriate online feeds. Once Kids Place is activated, the application takes care of this and surely eases out the worries of the parents.

A little reminder to all parents that it’s your responsibility to make your child’s world safer. Smart use of such apps will surely help you a lot!

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