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Top 5 Ways Desis Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Top 5 Ways Desis Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Turkey Thanksgiving

Let’s face it! We desis love celebrating! And whether it is our own festival, a marriage or even America’s Thanksgiving – we just don’t miss out on any opportunities! After all, it is all about food and how can we say no to food?

This probably is the biggest reasons why the desis in America celebrate Thanksgiving with utter enthusiasm. And if you are wondering what exactly they do on this particular day, then here is a little sneak-peek on the same for you –

They Reminisce Indian Holiday – Well, hey! Thanksgiving is very similar to most of our festivals! The food, the snacks, the sweet and those cherishing memories! A day to recollect all the lovely memories from our beloved “Desh”!

Thanksgiving food

They Eat, Eat and Eat – And what else do you think anyone does on Thanksgiving Day? Remember Monica’s delicious Turkeys in F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Well that’s surely the main dish on everyone’s menu. However, the desis do not forget to munch into some Hyderabadi Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala and Mutton Razala – after all, desi food is love right?

Indian Food

The Family Get-Together SagaDesis are all about family and people and cousins and friends and everything! They love spending time with their friends and families too! And that’s exactly what they do on the Thanksgiving Day! After all, more people, more fun! Isn’t it?

family get-together

Games, Fun and Music – What is a celebration if there is no “Desi Tadka and Fun”? We desis know how to make everything spicy and fun! They surely celebrate the day with a lot of fun, games and music! Grooving into some Bollywood numbers, trying to sing out loud Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” or organizing a poetic session to spice up the night – these are a few fun things the desis love to do! Won’t you love that too?

Fun on Thanksgiving

Playing Cards – Hold onto to that thought of yours! Diwali isn’t the only festival in which the Indians play cards. Thanksgiving Day is another a popular choice for the desis to play cards as well! After all, it is nothing wrong in being thankful for winning a little money on Thanksgiving Day!

Card game on Thanksgiving


So what are you upto today?

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