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Passion For Learning Is The Key To Success – Prove Founders Of TEDdict

Passion For Learning Is The Key To Success – Prove Founders Of TEDdict



Education is the most powerful tool which when put to use in an effective way, can make you create wonders and keep you aware of everything that is happening in this world. But more than just education, it is the passion for learning something new, something different and difficult that actually helps you tap in your potential to the maximum limit and take big risks. Growing in the comfortable environment of schools and institutions, doing just the assigned tasks and selective projects may give you an idea about what type of problems you can deal with in a given situation, but that comfort zone does not help you grow overall. To do something big, to achieve some goal, you need dedication and focus on it. The focus develops more with interest towards that goal, rather than just a mere push based on peer or parental pressure.


The founders of TEDdict, an educational startup, prove just that. The individuals Ayesha Babur, 19, Abdullah Babur, 17, and Asadullah Babur, 15, from Pakistan are homeschooled siblings who are the masterminds behind their innovative website that focuses on teaching lessons in a fun-filled, ‘gamified’ environment wherein the kids using the website get to learn as well as enjoy the lessons that they watch. Even though they never went to actual schools, the kids have been exposed to a lot of challenging and innovative problems to which they sought solutions, and this experience of theirs pushed them to create something of their own, and what better than a website that educates other children their age?


In order to keep the children interested and inclined to their website, the siblings have invented the coin system that the users can trade for lessons. They receive a set of coins at the start of every month which they can utilize for learning lessons. There also is a leader-board to keep track of individual scores. With TEDdict, children can learn any subject while teaching some other subject to another kid that needs help. In this way, the concepts of the kids are cleared and they interact in a friendly manner which makes learning new things exciting and informative. The formal teacher-student interaction is omitted in this concept which is the best way to bring in kids to learn and innovate.

TEDictTheir idea was found to be so different that they were chosen to showcase their talent and popularize their peer-to-peer learning portal at the global platform of Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).

This inspirational story of the successful website hosted by the siblings is a great example of how individual interest and a passion for learning can not only help you have an in-depth knowledge about the field of your choice but also open horizons to do something different and explore unexplored areas.


The main takeaway from these siblings is also to have an open mind to learn and explore things, read a lot about various topics, and develop a mind frame of creating new concepts or things that are useful for others. Your school or institute of education is not as important as your passion for the same.

And as they say, age is just a number. One can invent anything anytime if they have a deep inclination towards innovation. So, keep learning and keep innovating!


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