ANOKHI: A Platform To Promote South Asian Talent

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On November 27th 2017, Hotstar presented the popular Anokhi Awards 2017 in Toronto in celebration of the organization’s 14th anniversary.

Host Angie Seth, Presenting The Media Awards
Host Angie Seth, Presenting The Media Awards

The ANOKHI Awards 2017 was held at the historical Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Canada. It started with more than 30 well-known celebrities walking down the red carpet, followed by the award-giving ceremony. There were 18 awards and 4 live music performances during the evening which kept everyone entranced.


During the event, Raj Girn, Founder, President & CEO spoke about the significance of the awards, the vision of the organization and why it is essential to recognize the achievements of the South-Asian community and celebrate it. It was a truly enthralling and inspiring event.

Roveena Wins Female Musical Artist Of The Year 2017 Award
Roveena Wins Female Musical Artist Of The Year 2017 Award

ANOKHI MEDIA is one of the few organizations who takes a vested interest in its community members and attempts to recognize and celebrate their successes with the entire world to see. This amazing platform was found in 2002 by Raj Girn who was herself a part of the South Asian community and wanted to build a platform where the community members could engage with each other and promote its members across the entire world. Due to popular demand, this company transformed from just an online magazine and an events centric operation to a full-service, media, events, and marketing company which offers a wide variety of opportunities for its clients, partners, and consumers.

Performance by Mili Soch
Performance by Mili Soch

ANOKHI MEDIA is a strong online group which offers consulting service to the clients in terms of endorsements, market research, content/social marketing, branding, etc. It is one of the first and only companies who serve the South Asian community which includes both the expats and the Canada-born South Asian individuals and offers the world to see their talent via the online magazines, newsletters, video channels, etc. This brand has become North America’s default source of information for anything related to South Asian lifestyle, entertainment, culture, etc.

We certainly need more such platforms which recognize the South Asian talent and help in advertising them to the masses.

Rachita Saxena

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