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Top 5 Shoestring Budget Holidays In India

Top 5 Shoestring Budget Holidays In India



India’s geography has snagged many a tourist with its dramatic terrains, massive coastline and rugged, mountainous landscape. The vivid, yet diverse terrain has left trekkers and tourists scouting for more. Backpacking through India’s rich landscape can prove to be an enriching experience. One can stumble upon rustic villages, white sand dunes, ancient temples and expansive beaches.

We’ve chalked out a list of the top five budget-friendly places to visit in India.

  1. Hampi


Pitched as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is known for its ancient relics, ruins of palaces and beautiful, ornately carved temples. Basking in the splendor of Hampi’s rich cultural heritage is the Virupaksha temple in Hampi. There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from – ranging across budget hotels to cottages.

  1. Lansdowne


Along Uttarakhand’s lush, green forests lie Lansdowne. Bathed in natural splendor, tourists can soak in Lansdowne‘ stunning views, and trek to the Bhulla Tal lake or the War Memorial.

  1. Mcleodganj


Located near Delhi, this quaint town of Mcleodganj is devoid of the hustle and chatter that come with Delhi. An inexpensive bus ride from Delhi, winding down a few picturesque roads, can get one to  Mcleodganj. Hop off at one of Mcleodganj’s popular cafes or brew houses flaunting colorful graffiti and open mic events, and you’re sure to have an interesting stay.

  1. Kasol


Kasol is a lush, beautifully landscaped region North of India, home to popular trek zones and expansive valleys that welcome wellness enthusiasts for retreats. A trip to Kasol is definitely easy on the pocket. Trivia: This is, in fact, the first ever town in which Bollywood aliens landed!

  1. Pondicherry


Home to the Auroville Ashram, the quaint town highlights architecture that is reminiscent of the French colonial era. Unwind at the Ashram, with some good ol’ French food, and some of the homestays dish out some great Indian and continental food. Rent a bicycle and discover the many charms the small town holds.



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