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Charting An Ink’quisitive Path To Success – Amandeep Singh

Charting An Ink’quisitive Path To Success – Amandeep Singh

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Better known by the name Ink’quisitive, Amandeep Singh’s 182,000 Instagram and 139,000 Facebook followers and his many students speak volumes about those who are left inspired by his art. The London-based graphic artist has sketched and illustrated iconic stars such as Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, garnering an avid audience for his work. His dazzling celebrity portraits and religious works have millions of fans across the globe today including Madhuri Dixit, Drake, Jennifer Lopez, and J Cole. He has earned unbelievable success in six years and has done around 24 global exhibitions.

Ink'quisitive, Amandeep Singh

In an interview with DissDash, Amandeep talks about how he waltzed into the art space and the exciting journey thereafter.

“I’ve been doing this for seven years now. I first took the plunge through social media,” he tells us. His childhood was peppered with art and most of the inspiration was drawn from his father’s work as a calligrapher. “I tried to capture the kind of work my dad was involved in,” he says.

Ink'quisitive, Amandeep Singh

Amandeep’s father worked for the Indian High Commissioner and often engaged with work for high profile political leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana.

“My dad has been a very big inspiration to me. He also plays many instruments, and he understands expression and art,” he says, speaking of the influence his father’s career had on his young mind.

Ink'quisitive, Amandeep Singh

“My parents were very understanding and highly supportive of my art. Further down, I went ahead to pursue my university studies and that’s helped me gain the exposure, engage my creativity and release my work on a global scale,” Amandeep explains.

Ink'quisitive, Amandeep Singh

Growing up and being introduced to all kinds of genres across music has paved the way for the young artist.

“I use music as a challenge. When I listen to something and would like to see it, I’d want to paint a picture of the piece I listened to!” Amandeep says.

Ink'quisitive, Amandeep Singh

His work attempts to create a melange of different art forms. “I have a vision and a message to give. You’d see different emotions in a piece. It’s almost sharing your thoughts on the canvas,” he says.

Ink'quisitive, Amandeep Singh

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Amandeep Singh’s work across religious symbolism has received much acclaim. “My religious pieces are a lot more emotive, and I don’t work on spiritual art with restrictions. I don’t indulge in much thinking before producing spiritual art. I’d like to connect with the audience without any restriction,” says Amandeep. “Sometimes, the best pieces are when I let my hand go for a walk.”

Ink'quisitive, Amandeep Singh

“My favorite piece of art, one that was really received well by the world, was the ‘King Without A Crown’. It speaks volumes of the kind of inquisitiveness an artist tries to express. My Disney pieces, especially ‘Simba’, is very close to me,” he says fondly.

Pursuing a career that is perceived atypical can be a tough call. Albeit the many hiccups that might come one’s way, Amandeep’s drive to lead a career based on his passion has helped him come a long way.

Ink'quisitive, Amandeep Singh

“Don’t copy other artists, and try to break into your space by working on originals. You’ll find your passion, your purpose and you’d want to do it. Never give up easy on what you love to do! Consistency can get you very far,” he says signing off.

Check out his fabulous work on his Instagram page:

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