India Pakistan Battle With Bats On The Swiss Alps!

Cricket has always been the favorite game of Desis all over the world. As a matter of fact, we Desis are so obsessed with cricket that we grow up playing it in our schools, our streets and even our classes (and maybe even in our dreams). But did you know that the gentleman’s game is even being strategically used by Swiss promoters to draw the attention of the tourists to Switzerland? Yes, we are talking about Ice Cricket 2018. 

Swiss ice cricket

Cricketing icons Virender Sehwag (India) and Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) locked horns with each other on Thursday but this time it was not the usual India VS Pakistan match but rather it was a friendly match of cricket played on snow-white summits of the mighty Swiss Alps. Afridi led Royals defeated Sehwag led Diamonds in the inaugural match by 8 wickets and as they chased the target of 206 runs.

Swiss ice cricket

Ice cricket came into existence in 1988 and is played on Lake St. Moritz. The difference between the usual cricket and ice cricket is that it is played directly on ice. An artificial turf is laid down which serves as the pitch. Well, this actually makes the game a bit more unpredictable and brings a lot of variety and fun to the table.

Swiss ice cricket

Wondering how this match is possible? St. Moritz Lake can hold up to 200 tons of weight which means it is actually possible to bring together a cricket match along with grandstand and pavilion for the audiences to watch the game unfold itself.

Swiss ice cricket

Switzerland being one of the most famous tourist destinations on this planet (thanks to all the Yash Raj movies) is known for its exceptional facilities for a multitude of sports. So how could cricket have stayed behind? And just to make sure that they get maximum viewership they have to include the perennial India-Pakistan battle to it!

Swiss ice cricket

How about planning your next trip to Switzerland in the name of ice cricket?

Jasleen Kaur



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