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Pakistani MENtality Squeamish About Periods – Bans PAD MAN

Pakistani MENtality Squeamish About Periods – Bans PAD MAN

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Yes, we know South Asian men are squeamish to talk about periods and there will be millions of men who will not go to watch PAD MAN as it openly talks about the ‘ladies problem’. But we hoped that many others will go watch the movie in an attempt to understand mensuration better.


But the censor board of Pakistan was morally offended by the screening of PAD MAN and decided that the people of Pakistan should not be exposed to the tabooed topic of periods! The movie has been banned from releasing in Pakistan.

This mentality of keeping every aspect of mensuration under the wraps – from wrapping the packet of sanitary napkins like an explosive to not educating children about it to forcing the woman to stay secluded during her periods – is more of a patriarchal rule to shun all things that are beyond the comprehension of men.

Why do we still have to hear things like a woman is impure during her periods? Why is she still not allowed to touch particular foods? And let us not even venture down the lane of religious taboos!

Which century are you living in?


It is disheartening how public discussion on certain such issues is being smothered in Pakistan. Millions of women in Pakistan bleed every month. Does the censor board really think that talking about periods would tarnish religious sentiments? And lecherous men lusting over the bodies of dancing women does not?

Come on people, talking about menstrual hygiene, periods and educating yourself about it will actually help you improve the living conditions of the women in your lives. The taboo on periods is regressive but banning PAD MAN just because the censor board assumes that the moral sensibilities of the people will be affected is simply outrageous.

Give the people a choice – why don’t you?


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