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Starting Today Immerse Yourself In The ‘Sea Of Light’ In NYC

Starting Today Immerse Yourself In The ‘Sea Of Light’ In NYC

sea of light

Sea of Light, an art show hosted at South Street Seaport, is an innovative blend of sound and light, brought to you by “light artist” Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs, who are the masterminds behind such an immersive sensory adventure that will be experienced by anyone who is a part of this show. It begins today at 19:0022:00 hours, EST and will continue through March 1st, 2018.

Sea of Light

The event opened for public view in the month of December in Seaport, which is known to be a hub for amazing food and drinks and is now roping in this new concept of entertainment through an artistic blend of sound and light – something every New Yorker should try.


The main theme of Sea of Light show is the display of glowing spheres that seem like bubbling up from Seaport’s cobblestone streets. The mindblowing fact about these nine-feet-tall spheres is that they are lighted by 150,000 LED lights that are responsive to sound and touch as they use thermal cameras and echolocation technology and are activated by motion.

sea of light

Yes! you can dance around these spheres and they will light up according to your moves! Another impressive thing about this event is the unconventional inclusion of a choreographed light show that plays on the hour.

light and sound

The event is focused on offering an adventurous and colorful evening through its themed shows and authentic food and ale. Some of the must-go-to events in South Street Seaport apart from the Sea of Light includes Mr. Cannon offering you the best cocktails you have tasted, Clinton Hall, an eclectic hub of 20 draught beers and ciders alongside 20 burgers to try, and Fulton Stall Market that brings forward artisan specialty food and farm produce with it.

food snd drink

Seaport has always been the central place where immigrants converged and commerce and entertainment flourished. Now, with the Howard Hughes Corporation converting it into a beautifully designed and refurbished public place, it has been hosting several events to congregate people from different walks of life under a single roof and offering food and wine from some of the best chefs.

sea of light

Sea of Light is bound to be a visual treat!

So hey! busy people, try to relax, take a break from your redundant routine and give yourself up to some colorful repose!


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