Lilly Singh – Even The Superwoman Needs A Break!

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“I’m taking a break!” says Lilly Singh, the successful Canadian YouTuber aka Superwoman, because she’s ‘mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.’ 

Surprised? Why there is nothing odd about it; we are humans not machines, we cannot function like one, and believes us, it’s good that we can’t! Our exhaustion is not something regrettable or dishonorable; it is only a positive assertion of our humanness, of the fact that we are still spiritually alive, that we are emotional and social beings who need rest, peace, love, relaxation, family, friends, and sabbaticals. On the contrary, what is regrettable is the fact that we often tend to forget this simple truth in our ceaseless endeavor to be on the top. 

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh began her channel in October 2010, and within seven years, she became the tenth highest paid YouTube star in the world. With her videos receiving over 2 billion views, and her channel accumulating over 14 million subscribers, Singh kept scaling new heights. She received awards as prestigious as the MTV Fandom Award. She won four Streamy Awards, two Teen Choice Awards, and a People’s Choice Award as well.

Lilly Singh

The author of How To Be A Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life, which is the first book authored by her, Lilly Singh feels that after eight years of continuous video-making, “I’m not my optimal happiness right now. I could be mentally healthier.” She feels she badly needs a break from the daily grind. 

Lilly Singh

It is true that YouTube creators burn out because they have to pump out content consistently; the work pressure is not only physically exhausting but also emotionally draining. What the world sees is all the glam-sham, but few realize how intense the work behind the scenes is.

Lilly Singh

Lilly’s decision must not be seen as her surrender; it must be welcomed because she has shown the wisdom and stamina to resist the self-destructive lure of success. Prioritizing mental health and well-being, and voluntarily stepping away from a job that is burning you out and only making you successful at the cost of your life, health, and mental condition is a necessity to be able to perform better. 

Lilly Singh

Lilly has sure set an example before all who suffer from similar work-related stress. By declaring that she is taking a break to re-evaluate how she defines success until her “soul feels ready to do so,” she has proven that she truly deserves to be the “Guide to Conquering Life.”


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