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‘Chaatable’ – Maneet Chauhan’ Curates A Culinary Journey Across India

‘Chaatable’ – Maneet Chauhan’ Curates A Culinary Journey Across India


Chaatable‘ is the brainchild of Indian-American celeb chef, Maneet Chauhan. Sikh by origin, this gifted cookbook author and television personality, is joining her husband Vivek Deora to bring this venture to the public. 

As the name might suggest, the concept of ‘Chaatable‘ is centered around chaat – the tangy, sweet-spicy, Indian street food. The aim of the Nashville-based restaurant is to evoke the best of the Indian gullys. Stepping in, you are surrounded by the vibrancy of an Indian baazar or market. The celeb couple hopes to bring their favorite sights, smells, and foods to their fans with this offering, evoking nostalgia in any Desi who might miss home. 

Indian street food is a veritable explosion of a range of tastes, sounds, and hopes and this is exactly what ‘Chaatable‘ will play into. The plating is whimsical and the feel of the place is playful and quirky yet inviting. In addition, the celeb couple has been careful to cover the entire gamut of India’s culinary geography; from Goan pork sorpotel to Bengali macher jhol, and Rajashtani peanuts, foodies will be able to eat their way through India.

The vision of this couple is clear in their message on the restaurant’s website, “We are beyond excited to take you on a journey to India…in the heart of Nashville. The creation of ‘Chaatable‘ has been one long in the making and might be the most personal project for us to date, apart from our children, of course! The nostalgia of our childhood and college days in India shine through in every aspect of ‘Chaatable‘. When stepping through the doors, we hope you feel like you’re experiencing an Indian bazaar at its finest. A complete sensory overload full of amazingly vibrant colors, flavors, smells, and sounds.”

“Now let’s “chaat” food! See what we did there?! Chaat is the Hindi work for “lick.” Each dish at ‘Chaatable‘ will have such delicious flavor you’ll be licking your lips…and fingers!”

Definitely, a culinary journey to be undertaken! 

Neha Mathrani
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