Tune In Tuesdays – H-Dhami Drops “Falling” With Raxstar

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British Asian legend, H-Dhami has teamed up with rapper Raxstar for his latest track, “Falling” and this is our Tune-in-Tuesdays track for the week!

Produced by Lyan, “Falling” is a catchy new track with a blend of Punjabi and English lyrics, and of course, a kickass hook by Raxstar. The music video also features both artists as they jam out to the track. Shot in London, “Falling” features your usual fancy cars, cool fashion, and stunning models. However, to promote his latest single, H-Dhami changed things up when he brought his manager, aka his son, to BBC Asian Network for his interview with Harpz Kaur’s Breakfast show. How adorable is this father and son duo?

H-Dhami Falling
Image Source: Instagram via H-Dhami

“Falling” is the second collaboration between Raxstar and H-Dhami, previously the artists teamed up with First Man, Mumzy Stranger, and Juggy D for the mega-hit, “Dance.” The party anthem brought together all the artists on one track for the first time. “Falling” has the same dance party vibe that will have you happily swaying to the beat!

The catchy new dance track is the first of many releases from the award-winning Punjabi vocalist this year. H-Dhami has plans to drop a full album later in the year.

Check out the song right here:





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