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Going Behind The Scenes With Luv Randhawa’s “Rog Ishq”

Going Behind The Scenes With Luv Randhawa’s “Rog Ishq”


Canadian legend Luv Randhawa recently dropped a new track titled “Rog Ishq.” The love song blends various music styles both old and new. Randhawa is known for being one of the first artists to pioneer the bhangra fusion movement in the West.

However, Randhawa stated he wanted to challenge himself by creating something that wasn’t the normal hip-hop and bhangra tracks. We had the chance to sit down with this star for more on the inspiration behind “Rog Ishq,” his desire to sing in Urdu, the details of his music video and what fans can expect next!

DissDash: What inspired this track?

Luv Randhawa: As an artist, you always want to challenge yourself. I have always been a fan, of Baba Bulleh Shah Ji. I wanted something out of the norm, rap, hip-hop, regular bhangra…etc. I wanted to test myself. That’s how “Rog Ishq” was born, a track with the deep meaning of love, with the beauty of the Urdu/Punjabi Languages. I am so overwhelmed, by the love and respect shown by fans of good Indian Music.

DissDash: How involved were you in composing and writing the song?

Randhawa: I was very involved. From the idea, composing, melody, lyrics and to the production of the track. It was a dream of mine to sing in Urdu/ Punjabi as my ancestral roots are from Pakistan. You all tell me what do you think?

DissDash: Well, the track sounds great to us! What do you think makes this song different than Punjabi singles out today?

Randhawa: Honestly, the industry has changed a lot, good or bad that’s up to the fans of music to decide. I, as an artist, have always tried to challenge myself, always a student of music. Trying to better my skills, vocals. I honestly don’t follow a trend, I do what I feel is right for me. If my parents, and family like it, I am honored and will continue!!!

DissDash: The music video for “Rog Ishq” has such gorgeous destinations. Where did you shoot the video and how was the experience?

Randhawa: What a dream come true! It was filmed by an awarding winning cinematographer, Sunny Dhinsey (Filmlore UK). A man who has a great vision and is a good storyteller. He said Jodhpur Rajasthan, and I agreed! Shot by the Meghna Fort and Royal family homes and Stepwell. Honestly, the people of Jodhpur were so welcoming and made us feel so welcome and they loved the track! So honestly a dream come true for me. My dream project came to life!

DissDash: What is your favorite part of making this music video?

Randhawa: The most favorite part was shooting the video were the kids and people who watched while we shot. The crowds grew (thinking I was a Bollywood Actor) it was so fun talking and interacting with them all! Kids making jokes and I tell you they were funny!! As well, while on break, walking around and seeing the amazing history of Rajasthan has to offer.

DissDash: Which artists do you find inspiration from?

Randhawa: Honestly, everyone! I really do learn something different from everyone. From Gurdas Mann Saab stage presence to the vocal meaning Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khaan Ji’s tracks. Also to the energy of Diljit Dosanjh on stage to all the legends of the bhangra and Bollywood industry. I am a student and absorb so much from watching! I am a fan of all artists. We are blessed with so much talent!

DissDash: What can fans expect from you next?

Randhawa: Fans, be ready!! I have 36 Indian/English tracks ready for release!! This is just the beginning, as I want to show all of you that good music, lyrics, and videos exist. Something that’s not the norm, these days. That we are accustomed to now either. Let’s go back to our roots and be proud of our amazing cultures! Be it Indian or Canadian, or where ever you live. From the East or the West, we are so lucky to be where we are, diversity is honestly our biggest blessing!!

Let’s show the world, who we are – as you all know, music is an international language!!


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