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Tune In Tuesdays – Nish Drops A Summer Banger “Xoss!”

Tune In Tuesdays – Nish Drops A Summer Banger “Xoss!”

Nish Xoss!

British Bengali artist Nish is rapidly taking over the urban desi music scene with his brand of Bengali music. Hot off the heels of his last release, “Piriti,” a cover of legendary Shah Abdul Karim’s classic “Keno Piriti Baralay,” Nish has dropped a brand new track titled “Xoss!”

The addictive dance track is our Tune-in-Tuesdays for the week!

Written and sung by Nish, “Xoss!” may sound like just another fun dance track but it is so much more. Lyrically, Nish tells the story of his musical journey and how far he (and his crew) have come. He speaks about breaking barriers and making his mark in the three years he’s been on the scene. Singing in Bengali and English, Nish has turned this track into a motivational anthem celebrating not only his hard work but that of those around him.

“Can’t believe how far we’ve come and where we are…” Nish sings, “It’s a new wave and we’ve come to play our part.”


The track was produced by hit-maker Lyan and he was even featured in the video rocking his signature lion mask. The music video was produced by DJ Kye and directed by Sachin Patel. The “Xoss!” video was just as zealous as the single with a neon sign filled backdrop, pop art images, mask-touting dancers and a sword-wielding model straight out of the scenes of “Mortal Combat.” The quirky video is too intriguing to miss out on!

Nish sent out the music video to his industry friends and they all sent their love and positive reactions to the video.

“Xoss!” is the ultimate Bengali kid anthem filled with passion and an endless zest for life. This young star is clearly not just here to stay but to take over.

Nish along with rising artist Muza, as well as urban desi legends Mumzy Stranger and Master D have been evolving the Bangla urban music scene. These talented artists are pioneering this new era of urban desi music that is shifting from Bollywood remakes and Punjabi dance tracks. As Nish sings, “it’s a new wave,” as Bengali artists are finally gaining recognition for their efforts.

Check out the video for “Xoss!” below to see what everyone is talking about!



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