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First Look With Neha – Netflix’s ‘Hasmukh’

First Look With Neha – Netflix’s ‘Hasmukh’

Hasmukh - Netflix

We all know Vir Das for his iconic roles in “Delhi Belly,” “Go Goa Gone” and his stand-up comedy specials. He has a unique style and wit unlike other comedians and isn’t afraid to speak his mind or openly discuss his political views. ‘Hasmukh’ is another brainchild of Das who is the show writer and also plays the protagonist, Hasmukh Sudiya. 

A dark twist in the world of comedy, ‘Hasmukh’ is a new Netflix series about a small-town boy from Uttar Pradesh (UP) who dreams of making it big as a stand-up comedian. His dreams come true when he gets cast as the ‘wild card entry’ on his favorite television comedy show. But at what cost?

Abused since childhood by his uncle, Hasmukh is a timid young man with big dreams but low self-esteem. Before each performance, he has to kill someone to bring the “feel” which boosts his confidence so he can perform his best. But because he’s a ‘good person’, he decides to kill only the ‘bad guys’. So Hasmukh and his manager Jimmy, played by Ranvir Shorey, scout for people who have either wronged them or someone they know. 

Hasmukh - Netflix

While the concept and the story are exciting enough to pique your interest, the show is disappointing because of its poor execution and average acting by the supporting cast. Besides Das and Shorey, the show has other known faces including Ravi Kishan, Raza Murad, and Manoj Pahwa. Despite a good line-up of strong actors, the show fails to deliver on the plot and dialogues and to keep the audience engaged.

Vir Das has done a good job with the small-town UP accent and it is refreshing to see him in a dark role. However, ‘Hasmukh’ lacks the pizazz and quality one would expect from a Netflix original featuring Vir Das, especially after his success in the two comedy specials which also happened to be Netflix originals.

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