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Celebrating 15 Years, Aashwasan Offers Timeless Phenomenon – An Experiential Reality

Celebrating 15 Years, Aashwasan Offers Timeless Phenomenon – An Experiential Reality


Aashwasan, the only organization in the world that brings in the knowledge of Lifeforce MechanismTM and Timeless PhenomenonTM to transform lives celebrates 15 years of journey through thousands of lives, walking with them through moments of joy and sadness, pain and happiness, confusions and clarity and watching them find hope and assurance for life. Restoring nature’s science in every life and witnessing individuals in their infinite possibilities, their journey has been deeply enriching and humbling. It has been a constant reminder through the unprecedented breakthroughs in countless numbers of lives that nature’s ways are way beyond our imagination and that we can experience healthy, happy and purposeful life only when we are true to our relationship with ourselves, with one another and with nature.


To celebrate this occasion, Aashwasan’s founder, the spiritual scientist and inventor of Aashwasan Sciences, Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa, will grace everyone with an enlightening gift to be shared with all the wonderful lives out there.

Aashwasan welcomes you to join them for this timeless experience to have a deep and loving experience within yourself. They invite you to share the love they have traveled with over these 15 years, experiencing the universal wonders in subtle and profound ways.

Join Aashwasan for a free experiential session on May 22nd, 9:30 am to 11:30 am EST. To reserve a spot click on the link –

Rashmi Aiyappa

Rashmi Aiyappa’s life’s experiences have brought this science into being. This science is spiritual in origin, scientific in approach, and experiential in nature.

She has invented various tools and techniques using her inborn knowledge and had created Aashwasan which has become a path-breaking movement worldwide. These tools and techniques in the form of various services are offered to diagnose, treat, and empower people to live a life of optimal health, happiness, and purpose. Aashwasan ScienceTMis exclusive to Aashwasan’s know-how and practices. As Aashwasan ScienceTM is holistic and natural, it is non-intrusive and does not induce side effects in individuals during diagnosis and treatment.


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