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Tune In Tuesdays – Master-D Drops ‘Bhalobashi Tomay’

Tune In Tuesdays – Master-D Drops ‘Bhalobashi Tomay’

Master D

Master-D’s latest release ‘Bhalobashi Tomay’ has created a major buzz in the Bangla music scene and is just perfect for our this week’s Tune-in-Tuesdays. Its strong Afrobeat influence has got fans around the world something to talk about.


“I want people to know that my music is unpredictable. That’s what makes me a game-changer. When  I drop a single,  you know it’s going to be a banger. ” – said Master-D.

In the past few years, Master D has been working to change the urban desi music scene by introducing more and more Bangla music. The Canadian artist has worked with some amazing talents and dropped some songs like ‘Naamta Janalo Na’ featuring Haji Springer.

Master-D began his career in the urban desi music scene along with DJ Vicious and Kashif. The trio rocked the scene with hits like ‘2 Step Bhangra’ and ‘Tera Nasha’ which are still popular today. As trends in this niche genre constantly evolved, Master-D felt the need to push for Bangla music to move to the forefront.


Master-D’s last viral hit, ‘Tumi Jaio Na,’ has gained over 15M views organically on YouTube and features UK Urban artist – Mumzy on the record. The song caught fire with fans and instantly became a music phenomenon globally. Master-D has since been working on music during the pandemic lockdown and already has 5 hit singles ready.

“I’ve been experimenting with so many sounds during this lockdown. I did this video before all this happened. We need to adapt and keep making music that can change the Bangla music scene and I’m very excited about this release and upcoming ones too!”

With 500K views in 24hrs, and becoming Nadia Ali’s track of the Week on BBC Asian Network, the video brings a whole new dimension to his outstanding visuals directed by Peezee. With an authentic diverse group of dancers and vivid colors, Master-D once again brings a new angle to any Bangla music video to date.

Check out ‘Bhalobashi Tomay’ right here!


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