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DissDash Presents Musicism | Featuring Azaad The Band

DissDash Presents Musicism | Featuring Azaad The Band

DissDash hosted musical brunch with a focus on mind, body, and soul wellness. Sometimes we don’t realize the mental and emotional toll that life brings upon on us. With so much going on our wellness often ends up taking a back seat. Thus, Azaad The Band brought us an afternoon full of LIVE uplifting Bollywood songs that remind us to focus on the positive and on what truly matters – our family and loved one’s. Along with three prominent speakers who stopped by and talked about wellness from their point of view. Enjoy our little effort in providing entertainment while educating, and elevating our lives through the power of music.

Special Thanks To:

Puneet Ruparel – Co-Producer

Dhaval Kamdar & Vinil Bhandari – Azaad The Band

Swarali Karulkar – Choreographer, Dance Educator, Movement Therapist, Founder – Bollyheels

Heena Patel – Designer of Gatherings, Coach for Arts Workers, Consultant, Producer, Curator

Meher Naz – Astrologer & Healer, Fire Bearer Wellness

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