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In Conversation With HASHKY | With @MontyIsLive | Exclusive Interview

In Conversation With HASHKY | With @MontyIsLive | Exclusive Interview

We chatted with HASHKY about his latest release, life in Australia & more! Born in Pakistan, HASHKY is a musician and producer from Perth, Australia. Starting off with the guitar, he built on his passion for Hip Hop and RnB. Having played and been involved with multiple bands, HASHKY incorporates a wide variety of genres, styles, and influences in his music. ‘Bharam’ is an attitude. It comes from one’s character, reputation, esteem, and credit. It is all about bringing an air of confidence and that is exactly what ‘BHARAM’ does. HASHKY’s musical work is defined by a strong convergence of eclectic influences from the east and the west. As a trilingual musician, he incorporates English, Urdu/Hindi, and Pashto in his music and sound which defines ‘BHARAM’ as well. Check out the interview right now!

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