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Don’t Blindly Hop On The Bandwagon To Get That Pre-Postpartum Body

Don’t Blindly Hop On The Bandwagon To Get That Pre-Postpartum Body

Stop! Don’t Blindly Hop On The Race To Get Your Body Back Postpartum

It’s society. It’s the pressure. First, they pressurize you to get married – then to have a kid – and then shame you for putting on weight while your body goes through excruciating changes to bring a new life to this world. With social media taking over our lives, postpartum body shaming has become more pronounced.

Global Indian influencer Diipa Buller-Khosla recently showed how the real postpartum body looks like.

She wrote, “Curious about what a 3,5 month postpartum body may look like? Well here she is in all her bravery and strength!
After receiving countless dm’s from fellow mommas asking how “ I got my body back so soon”, I decided to share the reality of how giving birth really transforms your body. To be frank I am still not used to the extra bits of skin I’m in and I am still confronted by the lingering insecurities that bombard my mind from time to time.
While I’m doing my best by eating healthy and exercising to the level my body allows, I’m aware that my body will never be the same as it once was. And that’s perfectly okay.
This body was once a home to another human being. This same body that I stand in today, nurtured and developed the same baby I hold in my arms now. So how could I not be kind and patient with it?
These are the battle scars of motherhood in its barest form. Although I still haven’t managed to fully accept them (especially during the summertime), I have decided to wear them with pride.
To all the mothers and soon to be mother’s out there, this one is for you. Lets all start being a little more honest about the up- and downsides of the miracle of motherhood. Every woman will react, recover and change in a different way. In her own way. And that is not only ok. It’s beautiful.
Even though I will continue to work hard to regain the physique I once had, I will also strive to wear and look whatever way I want. With pride and accomplishment!”

Diipa Khosla has been quite vocal about all the misogynistic rules that new moms are expected to follow by society, especially opinions about their postpartum body – and goes on to banish them from her life.

Stop! Don’t Blindly Hop On The Race To Get Your Body Back Postpartum

As she had said before, “being a mother does not mean that you are now the target to everybody and anybody’s scrutiny. How many times do we as mothers hear “ you’re doing this wrong!” or “how can you do this to your child?!”? Whether it be opinions shared from family, friends, or strangers; the judgment is still unapologetic and burdensome on new or experienced mothers.”

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