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‘Desi Nuskhe’ For #SelfCareDay

‘Desi Nuskhe’ For #SelfCareDay

'Desi Nuskhe' For Natural Self-care

It is significant to prioritize your ‘me’ time now more than ever. Living a healthy life is not just about your physical health. True holistic self-care focuses on our overall well-being—mental, social, physical, and emotional health. Amid the hustle, we tend to put ourselves at the very end of our priority list, glamorizing the busyness. But how do you start practicing self-care? By taking baby steps, of course! On this Selfcare Day, we bring you some desi tips that have been passed on from generations for overall well-being.


'Desi Nuskhe' For Natural Self-care
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Yoga is perhaps one of the best methods of self-care that South Asians have given to the world. Physically, yoga helps to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility; mentally, the advantages of yoga have been proven effective for those struggling with mental health issues. This ancient practice works like magic. If you are feeling worn out, emotionally exhausted or simply tired, a few minutes of yoga might be the key to finding balance and ease that is lacking in your life.


'Desi Nuskhe' For Natural Self-care
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It is time we take our skincare seriously! Our foremothers preserved and passed many effective home remedies for glowing skin. There is a reason why our ‘dadi ke nuskhes’ are so widely popular! The traditional beauty tip of applying ‘ubtan’ (the mother of all face masks made from wheat flour, besan, sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, and yogurt) is a quick DIY for healthy, shiny, and glowing skin. The process is quite therapeutic and eases your nerves.



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A warm cup of herbal tea help reduce stress, and anxiety and may even help you sleep better. We South Asians swear by our ‘chai’ and just the thought of the warmth of the cup between our fingers makes us feel relaxed. For thousands of years, we have used herbs in our chai that have powerful effects on our stress levels and as a result, our mental and physical health.



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As promoted by all yogis, incorporating this simple self-care exercise to your day can transform your relationship with yourself. We all struggle to stay focused and often face distractions. Meditating for at least ten minutes a day can improve your concentration. While the practice of meditation dates back centuries, it has gained newfound popularity as it is accessible to everyone. It is a valuable antidote to the fast pace of our technology-driven culture.

Take a few minutes off your hustle and follow these simple practices to improve your well-being—mind, body, heart, and soul.

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