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Tune In Tuesdays – Make A Wish Like Sarmad Qadeer

Tune In Tuesdays – Make A Wish Like Sarmad Qadeer

Sarmad Qadeer

Sarmad Qadeer, the self-taught Pakistani music composer and singer, is our this week’s #TuneInTuesdays, with a very different song and a quirky title to go along.

Horn is the title of the new music track that’s been attracting the millennials for quite some time.

Sarmad Qadeer

The song shot in a posh locale has the artist flaunting a beautiful black Audi, expressing his three wishes – for a bungalow, world tour, and becoming a superstar.

Ik bangla puwade
Duja duniya fira de
Tija ban ja main superstar

This is a peppy Punjabi-Urdu number with not too many heavy beats – interesting lyrics. A subtle song is what we call this track in contrast to other desi Punjabi numbers.

Sarmad Qadeer

The artist Sarmad Qadeer is originally from Faisalabad, living now in Lahore, Pakistan. Musically, he is self-trained and has been composing and creating music for a very long time. He graduated from the very renowned Beaconhouse National University in Media and Arts and kick-started his singing career in 2010.

Sarmad Qadeer

His recent first official single “Lavi Naa” hung around the Asian Download Chart for a good few weeks, thus garnering him quite a number of fans in the UK. Apart from this, another new single “Ishq Be Panah” really showcases his vocal range and Mr. Qadeer feels that it was a song that got him introduced to Moviebox, which is a legendary label in the music industry.

We hope to see much more of this very talented singer and watch him perform for the global audience.
For now, check out his latest track “Horn,” in the link below!


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