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Happy Birthday Salman Khan!

Happy Birthday Salman Khan!

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Guess who turns 52 years old today? Well, it is none other than our beloved Sallu Bhai and we couldn’t be more happy about this amazing occasion. Can you even imagine him being this old? I certainly can’t. After all, with abs toned like his (check out Tiger Zinda Hai to really see what we are talking about!) who could ever think of him as a 52-year-old man.

salman khan

Salman Khan is one of the top actors in Bollywood who has made a huge impact in the film industry and has a huge fan following in all age groups. He is not only famous for his charm and undying looks but is also well known for his generosity and kindness, all around the globe.

salman khan

One of the best things about Salman Khan is his humility and his thirst to prove himself. Did you know that he never used his father’s name to get roles in movies? Yes, he is a self-made man in the truest sense and continues to charm the audience with his acting skills and direction.

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Another interesting thing to note about Salman Khan is that he is a complete mamma’s boy in terms of food and absolutely loves gorging on his favorite dishes prepared by his mother. He is an ultimate foodie and loves eating rajma, chawal, roti, biryani, and a few other homemade dishes prepared by his mother.

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He says that the best part of his day is always the dinner that he has with his entire family where he is able to spend some time with his loved ones. Apart from being a family guy, Salman is also well known for his NGO, Being Human through which he helps unprivileged kids in getting proper education and healthcare.

salman khan

Sure he has had his set of troubles – but he is one guy whom you simply can’t resist loving!

Happy Birthday Bhai! We hope this birthday brings you a lot of happiness and success.

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