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We Have Your Sunday Super Bowl Menu Sorted – With A Desi Twist!

We Have Your Sunday Super Bowl Menu Sorted – With A Desi Twist!

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Finally, the long wait is over! Tonight is the final game of the National Football League (NFL). The Sunday Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots is going to have us hooked to the screen for a pretty long time. It is better, therefore, to have our dishes super ready before the Super Bowl kicks off at 6:30 p.m EST at Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Our Sunday menu must be, therefore, super special too!

Sunday Super Bowl

So, what are you planning this time? To gorge on the usual chicken wings and pizza? But that’s what you do always. Isn’t it?

So, why not tweak the menu a bit this time and give it a Desi twist? (Umm…to keep our Desiness alive!) 

How about making tandoori chicken wings. And if you are pizzaholic and feel that nothing on earth can replace pizza, you can try Desi pizza this time! How? Well, it’s really simple – get that tikka masala sauce, paneer cubes (cottage cheese), onions and peppers on top of the mozzarella and experience a truly unforgettable and spicy Desi bite!

We even got you a simple tandoori chicken pizza recipe:

Or you could try this paneer tikka pizza:

Why not add some more items to our menu to jazz up the day? How about some spicy Desi chutneys (dips) to go with the finger foods. You can try out these delicious ones:

To spice up your Super Bowl Sunday, you can also try Guacamole with avocado – it is healthy and refreshing too. All you will need is mashed up avocado, lemon juice, cilantro, chopped onions, tomatoes, and jalapeño, a little cumin powder, salt, and pepper along with a little red chili, pepper, and a pinch of that garam masala for the Desi twist in taste.

Avocado dip

To make the special day even more special for your family and friends, you can also try a desi version of nachos by replacing it with papad. We promise you will love it!

Check out this video for ideas!

Get going guys! Get all the food ready before the match starts!!!


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