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RIP Journalism – Because The Fourth Pillar Of Democracy Is Waning

RIP Journalism – Because The Fourth Pillar Of Democracy Is Waning

Journalism Dead

Is journalism dead?

Journalism used to be about newsworthy reports that were well researched, investigated and most importantly, they had integrity.

But today’s news is just an overload of information spewed upon us by the 24/7 news channels, websites, and even newspapers! Their objective is clear – content and viewership!

This is the reason why Donald Trump’s “fake news” rant got traction. The media highlights and focuses on sensationalizing almost anything. The mindless reporting on ‘popular’ aspect of the news shifts focus from the granular issues.

Donald Trump Guns

For instance, the gun control debate in media, after the Parkland tragedy, is constantly shifting from gun control to alternative measures to be taken to arming gun adept teachers, to the incompetence of deputy sheriff and what not.

Parkland Students Protest

The only reason common sense gun laws are still being talked about is that the victims and fellow students of the shooting refuse to let it die and be repeated!

Parkland Students Protest

The reason for such a shift could be political or simply in alignment with the self-serving interests of said news mediums.

Journalism Dead

Because ridiculous ideas like more guns in school campus get attention, whereas, the horrific bombings claiming lives of hundreds of Syrians, barely gets enough coverage! The news reports are either not covering this or sensationalizing the incorrect aspects of a story.

Things are no better in other countries. In India, the media stooped to a new low. The sudden death of the legendary Bollywood actor Sridevi has revealed the ugly, apathetic face of the news mediums. From speculations on the cause of her death to the bizarre questioning of morality of a deceased women who probably consumed alcohol prior to death, to rather insensitive and crude reenactments of the hours leading up to her death – the shoddy and crass coverage in the name of journalism and news reporting has been distasteful, to say the least.

The 24/7 news coverage has diluted the essence of reporting so much, that just dramatic and sensationalized news survives the grind. The overload of information pouring in from everywhere and shortened attention span of viewers have resulted in poor journalism and desensitizing of viewers and reporters alike.

The once strong and emboldened free press – the fourth pillar of a true democracy has been diluted from being the ones who questioned those in power and held them accountable for their actions, to a mere ghost of their former selves.

RIP Journalism. You will be sorely missed.

Snigdha Pandey

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