Fight Hate With Love – Make April 3rd Love A Muslim Day

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Of all the ridiculous things that are happening in the society, this is perhaps the lowest that humanity has reached. This message has been doing the rounds through anonymous letters in the UK, and social media circulars in the US – a message to promote Punish a Muslim Day on April 3rd.

anonymous letterThis hateful message has sent out ripples of alarm and has prompted a national counterterrorism investigation. Though the police are preparing to heighten security all over the two continents – the imminent hate is beyond anything that we have ever seen. The MCOPS have gone further to reassure citizens of their security. In a post on their Facebook page they wrote:

Love a Muslim day

“With all of the talk about Punish a Muslim day, #MCOPS (Muslim Civilian Observation Patrol and Services) are going to be patrolling their local areas, Mosques, etc with their cars and are in touch with local precincts to help raise awareness as well as raise additional security and patrol in the heavy populated areas where Muslims usually are.”

Love a Muslim day

“Please advise your Muslim brothers, sisters, friends, coworkers, etc, to not travel alone on that day if they have the option to travel with someone. Also, advise them to not stay out late unnecessarily, because that’s usually when crimes take place. As for your local Mosques, please take a trip to your local precinct and inform them about this potential harm, and that you request that they show their presence a little more on this day.”

“If you are part of a Masjid, organization, school, etc – you should reach out to your local Police Departments and ask them to assist your community by adding additional presence and security on this day.”

“Feel free to reach out to us as well, as we would be honored to advise you on some tips and warnings to promote the overall safety of your communities, your loved ones, and yourselves.”

Love a Muslim day

“We have seen too many real cases of attacks on Muslims, their families and Mosques around the country and the globe to just sit back and say ‘this is just hype’.”

No, this is not just hype.

A Briton, Shahab Adris’ innovative counter-campaign has declared April 3 as “Love a Muslim” day. His list of arbitrary points are awarded for acts ranging from smiling at a Muslim (10 points), to throwing flowers at a Muslim (50 points), to holding a fundraiser for the needy, “especially people suffering in Iraq, Libya, Kashmir, Yemen, Myanmar, Palestine, and Syria” (1000 points).

Love a Muslim day

Let’s follow this guy instead – because you cannot beat hate with hate – you can beat hate only with love.


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