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Out With The Schneiderman, In With The Grewal

Out With The Schneiderman, In With The Grewal

Gurbir Grewal

With the assault charges and controversy surrounding New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman leading to his resignation, the new man in town against Trump is New Jersey’s Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. He has already joined or started 30 actions against the federal government, from debt collection to carbon emissions, within just four months into his tenure!

Gurbir Grewal

In fact, in the past couple of weeks, he has already written to the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos saying that either she starts the investigation into the fraud at the for-profit colleges or he would take up the mantle.

Grewal, the highest-ranking Sikh in the history of American government, is a man of actions.  He has spent years building his reputation as a lawyer at a firm in Washington, in New York’s Eastern District U.S. attorney’s office, and then in New Jersey U.S. attorney’s office. He was hand-picked by Democratic Governor Phil Murphy out of his job as a county prosecutor, making him the face of diversity.

Gurbir Grewal

In New Jersey, the Attorney General is appointed, and not elected which adds to the relief of Grewal as he has no political ambitions for himself. He aims to serve only. But being a committed Democrat, he understands the significance of politics.

Gurbir Grewal

Grewal has been candid about the discrimination he has faced himself and doesn’t bite his words while sharing his ordeals. Like the extra TSA screenings, he always seems to get, and the internet commenters joke about him parking his elephant. Grewal fearlessly claims that hate culture has increased manifold in Trump’s presidency. He has even gone on to say that “people were afraid to say it in the public space, but now you see it everywhere.”

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Grewal was recently stopped outside a prominent office where he was to deliver a speech on diversity and inclusion. He tried to explain to the guard that he was the chief law enforcement officer in the state while adding it to his lifetime of “small indignities and humiliations.”

He wants to focus on other issues beyond the federal government and Trump, like improving police-community relations opioid crisis, biases in schools, etc. But he claims that the crisis in the present Trump White House and Washington needs immediate attention and stern actions.

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