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“Yesterday” – Newcomer Himesh Patel Brings Alive ‘The Beatles’

“Yesterday” – Newcomer Himesh Patel Brings Alive ‘The Beatles’


The first trailer of “Yesterday” hit YouTube yesterday and what a surprise! Himesh Patel, a newcomer is leading the story about how the world forgets the ‘The Beatles’ except for a single man. Sounds intriguing right?

The official trailer for “Yesterday” gives us a small glimpse of what to expect in the film. Jack Malik, the protagonist of the movie, is a singer but doesn’t wish to make a name in the music world. But his fate turns completely when he gets hit by a bus while he is driving his bike, after a worldwide power cut. He wakes up the next day with two broken teeth and plays the song ‘Yesterday’ by ‘The Beatles’ to realize that no one remembers them or their songs.

Malik takes advantage of this situation and plays all the songs by ‘The Beatles’ to make his own career in the musical world and succeeds tremendously. But of course, he has his own set of struggles and drama to overcome on his way. 

Himesh Patel
Image Source: Screen grab from trailer

Himesh Patel, the talented British-Indian actor started his career with the character of Tamwar Masood in the ‘East Enders’, a BBC soap opera. He became quite renowned for his role in this series and has even given appearances in the spin-off shows of this series. A member of the National Youth Theatre, he is currently working in a sitcom named ‘Damned’ and will also be seen in the upcoming movie “The Aeronauts”.

Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle have teamed up for this Beatles-centric comedy, and one can clearly see from the trailer that the theme of the movie is unique and entertaining. All music lovers are going to love it. This movie shows ‘The Beatles’ and their songs in a new light which is refreshing and exciting at the same time.

Have you seen the trailer yet?

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