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Top 5 Cross Border Stories From Bollywood #LoveThyNeighbor

Top 5 Cross Border Stories From Bollywood #LoveThyNeighbor

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India and Pakistan may always seem like holding daggers against each other, but love is something that always transcends boundaries. The real life cross border love stories may be hidden to protect people from unwanted hate – but Bollywood sure has stepped forward and given some exemplary stories that gives us hope.

Check out our list of favorites:


Bollywood Movies Bajrangi Bahijaan

This heartwarming story of Salmaan Khan risking it all to make sure a little girl is reunited with her family in Pakistan is as real as it can get. With all the dance, drama, and innocence that director Kabir Khan showcased, this was one movie that left everyone teary eyed.


Total Siyappa Cross Border

The movie revolves around a young musician, played by Ali Zafar who hopes to marry his beautiful Indian girlfriend whose character is played by Yaami Gautam but things become chaotic when her parents realize that Zafar is actually from Pakistan. The two of them eventually convince her parents to let them get married despite their cross border love.

3. PK

Bollywood Movies PK

Apart from Aamir Khan’s brilliant acting as an alien, the movie can also be appreciated for its perspective towards Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput falling in love despite being from being different nations. While Sharma assumes that Rajput would leave her because that is what she has been convinced by her orthodox Indian family about a boy who is from Pakistan but that’s not really what happens. The movie ends on a happy note where the two of them are united despite going through a situational crisis a misunderstanding that is cleared by their love for each other.


Veer Zaara Cross Border

This is perhaps the most classic love story that needs no introduction. Shahrukh Khan as Veer and Preity Zinta as Zaara have done a phenomenal job of playing lovers from across the border who spend all their life waiting to be united with each other. Zaara, a Pakistani girl leaves her marriage and settles down in Veer’s village in India to fulfill his parents’ dream while Veer stays in a Pakistani jail for years in order to protect Zaara’s character. This cross border love story is bound to leave you teary-eyed, no matter which nation you belong to.



The love story of an Indian spy falling in love with a Pakistani spy is all the twist Bollywood needs. Not only the two of them fall in love, they also manage to get both the nations come together and finish a risky mission with mutual cooperation. Salman Khan played the role of the Indian spy while Katrina Kaif as the Pakistani spy was a revelation. Their love story along with their determination to get both the nations work together as a team will perhaps remain a dream in reality.



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