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Bakersfield’s Sikh Community’s Memorial For Kobe Bryant Was All Heart

Bakersfield’s Sikh Community’s Memorial For Kobe Bryant Was All Heart

Kobe Bryant

It’s been over two weeks since the tragic helicopter crash that took the lives of nine passengers, including that of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi.

The tributes of honor and love continue all over the world.

As reported by KGET News, a local Sikh community gathered on February 9th in memory of the nine victims in South Bakersfield.

The Sikh community organized this event because they said it was a good way to honor the victims and their different faith and cultures.

As can be seen in the video, Meena Dhesi Sanghera, a member of the congregation said Sikhs believe everyone, regardless of their background, is part of one community and this memorial honors that.

Although all nine victims were honored, Kobe Bryant had a special place in everyone’s hearts.

“Kobe, as well as being a basketball legend touched many hearts in every community, and we have a lot of support and a lot of our children are big fans of his,” said Sanghera. “As well as the fact that this was such a tragic loss.”

The memorial service took place on 8601 South H St.

Sikhism believes in transmigration of the soul which never dies. However, human life is an opportunity for the soul to break out of the cycle of transmigration (karma) to unite with Waheguru, the Wondrous Giver of Knowledge, the Sikh name for God. Such a union takes place through good deeds, truthful conduct and Waheguru’s grace (Nadar).

The Sikh memorial service is known as Antam Sanskaar, meaning “the last rite of passage”. The focus of the ceremony is not loss and grief, but a celebration that the soul has an opportunity to re-join Waheguru.


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