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Whip It Up Wednesdays – Shweta’s Mixed Fruit Jam

Whip It Up Wednesdays – Shweta’s Mixed Fruit Jam

Mixed fruit jam

This week on Whip-it-up-Wednesdays we have a Mixed Fruit Jam that we all simply love from Shweta’s kitchen!

A mixed fruit Jam can be made with any fruits of your choice. This homemade jam is made without using fruit pectin. It’s delicious and full of flavors. It can be used over bread or waffles.

Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes

Cooking Time: 60 – 70 minutes

Yield: 1 medium size glass jar

Ingredients:Mixed Fruit Jam

  1. Two cups seedless red grapes
  2. One cup blueberries
  3. One plum without kernel
  4. One peeled mango without kernel
  5. One three-inch-long cinnamon stick
  6. One cup of sugar
  7. Half teaspoon green cardamom powder
  8. Half teaspoon fennel powder


  1. Wash the fruits properly and grind them in the grinder/food processor
  2. Transfer the fruit mixture to a saucepan
  3. Put the saucepan over a low flame and add sugar to it
  4. Mix well and then add cinnamon stickMixed Fruit Jam
  5. Turn flame to medium or medium-high, keep stirring in between
  6. Once the mixture starts boiling turn the flame to low-medium
  7. Cook for sixty to seventy minutes, keep stirring in between
  8. Check for jam consistency and if Jam is ready then turn off the stove. Remove the cinnamon stick. See the tip for more details to check the consistency.
  9. Let the Jam cool and then store in an airtight glass jar


  1. If you like more sweet, you can increase the quantity of sugar
  2. You can use other fruits like apple, pineapple, strawberries, banana, oranges as well but then the cooking time may vary depending on the type and water content of the fruits
  3. To check the consistency of jam, place half a teaspoon of jam on a plate, and if it holds its contents together means jam is ready. If it is runny form then cook for some more time.
  4. Keep in the refrigerator and can be used for three-four months
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