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8 August Releases To Add To Your Summer Playlist

8 August Releases To Add To Your Summer Playlist

August Releases

How quickly summer’s come to an end and we’re on our way into fall aka the senti season. Before we wrap it up, we still have some summer jams left in us. Check out this list of August releases – some hot dance numbers and a whole lot of romance leading us into the soulful ballads essential for fall weather – in no particular order.

1. Happy Singh’s ‘Fuego Mami’

This Latin inspired track from Happy Singh is one catchy number that will have you hitting repeat. Singh is a talented artist with a knack of fusing Punjabi lyrics into Western beats that gives him the potential to appeal to the mainstream music scene. ‘Fuego Mami’ is one hot track and it further confirms that Singh could do for the South Asian music what phenomenal talents like Pittbull, Selena Gomez, Carlos Santana, and Daddy Yankee have done for Latin music in America.

2. Ezu’s ‘Hogeya’

British Asian artist Ezu released his latest single, ‘Hogeya’ in the last week of August. The artist is such an underrated star that has been consistently releasing good music. ‘Hogeya’ is a peppy Punjabi track with a catchy summer beat.

3. Sibtain Khalid’s ‘Nai Jeena’

Pakistani singer, songwriter, and composer, Sibtain Khalid released this lovely unplugged version of ‘Nai Jeena’ featuring the Leo Twins. The original song has been a great hit, but this unplugged version is just too good to skip over!

4. Sunil Kamath’s ‘Ruhama’

Sunil Kamath is an Indian singer, composer, and lyricist who has worked on films such as “Bhaag Johnny,” “Creature 3D,” “Aksar 2,” and “Traffic.” He has even worked on creating jingles for companies. His latest track is an absolutely stunning ballad that will touch the heart. ‘Ruhama’ is a beautiful song for those meditative moments of life where you need a little positivity.

5. Amar Sandhu’s ‘Mood’

Sandhu’s latest track will definitely get you in the ‘Mood’ to dance. This new single was penned by Sandhu and Puranpreet Sindhu with music by DJ Harpz and mixed by Ezu. The track is from Sandhu’s recently released EP, “Long Weekends.”

6. Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘Peed’

‘Peed’ is the sweet love song with an even sweeter music video telling the story of a love unnoticed. It’s such a pure and innocent love story, it’s no wonder the track has already amassed over 16 million views.

7. Rio Jai and Tasha Tah drop ‘Aaja Soniye’

British Asian artists Rio Jai and Tasha Tah give us an August collaboration for this dance number to wrap up your summer with. The track was produced by hitmaker DJ Lyan and it’s bound to have you hitting repeat.

8. Murtaza Akbar’s ‘Chaahat’

After releasing covers over the years, New Jersey-based artist, Murtaza Akbar dropped a stunning debut single titled, ‘Chaahat’ in August. The song tells the story of a young man who begins to have deeper feelings for a friend he spends time with. It is an innocent love story about escaping from the world with someone you care deeply about.

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