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This Dense And Sticky Coconut Rice Makes All Things Yum!

This Dense And Sticky Coconut Rice Makes All Things Yum!

Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice is a Thai style rice dish designed to add subtle dimensions to the humble grain. Coconut rice is slightly sticky because of the coconut milk but much more flavorful than plain rice. It is best served with any kind of  Thai curry, red, green, or yellow, but can also be enjoyed with any meat or vegetable dish.

Preparation Time5 minutes
Cooking Time: 45 – 55 minutes
Yield: Four servings


Coconut Rice Ingredients

1. Two cups rice (washed, soaked for fifteen minutes, and drained)
2. Two teaspoon ginger julienne
3. One medium size onion – sliced
4. One tablespoon mint leaves
5. Four teaspoons of coconut milk powder
6. Three bay leaves
7. Three whole red chili
8. Two star-anise
9. Four green cardamom
10. One three-inch-long cinnamon stick
11. Three green chilies
12. Eight curry leaves
13. Salt to taste
14. One black cardamom
15. One tablespoon coconut oil
16. Four cups of water


1. Take a pan and add oil to it
2. Add ginger, whole red chili, bay leaves, star anise, green and black cardamom, and cinnamon stick
3. Saute for one minute
4. Add onions and green chiliesCoconut Rice Process
5. Saute for two to three minutes
6. Add curry leaves and mint leaves
7. Saute for one minute
8. Add rice and saute for one to two minutes
9. Mix coconut milk powder in water and add it to the riceCoconut Rice Process
10. Add salt and mix well
11. Cover the lid and cook for around thirty minutes or until rice is dry.
12. Switch off the stove and serve hot



  1. You can also use coconut milk for a stronger flavor of coconut in the rice
  2. You can also use jasmine rice instead of plain rice to increase the flavor profile
  3. This can also be a great accompaniment to spicy Indian curries as the rice will make the gravy milder once mixed, making it easier to eat
  4. You can also add sauteed prawns to this rice to make it a complete meal and serve it with sambar
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