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From ‘Lambo’ To Bollywood Dreams With Rubal Sikka

From ‘Lambo’ To Bollywood Dreams With Rubal Sikka

Rubal Sikka talks Lambo to Bollywood Dreams

The New York City skyline and yellow Lambos can honestly seem like a dated concept. But if done just simply right – it is a whole ass vibe. Rubal Sikka released ‘Lambo’ a few days ago and it does justice to not just that lovely yellow machine but overall New York as well – including the Kosciuszko Bridge, Times Square, Oheka Castle, and the overall Long Island suburb as well.

New York-based Sikka dropped catchy Punjabi vocals over this trap/hip hop beat by Sunny Brown (formerly part of the Culture Shock from Canada). He has definitely grown as an artist and we had a quick word with him about his journey so far.

DissDash: Talk to us about your journey, how did you get into singing?

Rubal Sikka: I was drawn to music and was able to play the piano from a very young age. I got into music production after moving to New York. Finding it hard to locate other vocalists to work with, I got behind the booth and recorded my first single ‘Gallan’ which went onto release under Tips Music India.

DissDash: Talk to us about ‘Lambo.’  How did you manage to work on this during COVID?

Sikka: The song had been ready before COVID and after the lockdown, it became extremely hard to coordinate a shoot. Luckily the storyboard required to shoot outdoors and it became easier to achieve.

Rubal Sikka Talks 'Lambo' To Bollywood Dreams

DissDash: We have been seeing many songs about Lambhorgini’s, in your opinion do you think it is a favorite for women?

Sikka: I’m not sure about women, but it’s definitely my favorite car.  The ‘Lambo’ in the video is my own so there’s a special connection there.

DissDash: You also have a restaurant, how do you juggle both?

Sikka: It’s a very tough act to juggle, especially since the restaurant business in New York is all hands-on and so is music. Whatever time I get from work, I put it into music and it’s great to see it being heard around the world.

DissDash: Who are your inspirations?

Sikka: I’ve had a very mixed exposure to music since I was born in Delhi and grew up in New York hence I feel my music is a fusion of new age sound. I’ve been inspired by music from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Rubal Sikka talks Lambo to Bollywood Dreams
Image Source: Instagram via @rubal

DissDash: What do you have lined up next?

Sikka: I’m currently working with Isatorres from Mexico who has a very unique sound. Fusing some Mexican beats with Punjabi sound, and that should be fun.

DissDash: There are so many up-and-coming South Asian artists, many of whom aspire to go into the mainstream some to Bollywood, which path do you see yourself going into?

Sikka: If given the opportunity, I would love to work in mainstream or Bollywood as both give you instant exposure.

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