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Lets Unite – Justice For Indian Student Assaulted In Coppell ISD

Lets Unite – Justice For Indian Student Assaulted In Coppell ISD

Indian Student assaulted In Coppell ISD - Silence Of School Authorities Alarming

Another day, another assault on a person of color in what continues to become an America for the whitest of the whites. The latest is all the more disheartening because it comes from within the walls of a school. A 14-year-old student of Indian origin was bullied by a white student in Texas’ Coppell Middle School North earlier this week. The video of the incident went viral and like everyone else, we are enraged regarding how Coppell Independent School District handled the situation.

As per a petition on, on Wednesday, May 11th, during lunch, Shaan Pritmani was physically attacked and choked by another student at his middle school. The school called his parents and informed them that their son had been in an altercation with another student. The school stated that the victim (Shaan) was at fault and received a 3-day ISS, while the aggressor only received a 1-day ISS.

Shaan’s friends shared the video of the assault with the parents and reached out to inform them that Shaan wasn’t at fault. Shaan’s parents reached out to school authorities, shared the evidence, and requested a reassessment. The school informed the parents that they had seen the video and that there will be no change in the course of action. The Coppell ISD SRO officer refused to file a citation because the school administration asked it not be written, as there have been too many bullying complaints lately. The Coppell PD also dropped the ball. The parents tried in vain for over 2 hours to get a complaint filed but were refused.

Some netizens also suggest that the school was protecting the aggressor as his father, Sam Wellington, is a member of the Coppell Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees. It was also alleged that the father of the aggressor is working with the cops to ensure that the incident is covered up.

Well, if you are talking about a show of power, we South Asians definitely know how to do that. This is the time our community needs to stand up as one for this kid and demand justice. This is not the kind of fear we want our children to grow up with. Make yourself heard. Make sure the school takes proper action.

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