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Women Empowerment On A Whole New Level – You Go Lilly Singh

Women Empowerment On A Whole New Level – You Go Lilly Singh

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YouTuber Lilly Singh has set social media on fire with her latest video, ‘If Bollywood Songs Were Rap’.

With this five-minute compilation of three Bollywood hits reimagined as rap, in her signature style, Singh does more than just translate the lyrics – she has used them as tools to touch upon topics like beauty standards for women, body positivity, issues related to mental health, bisexuality and more.

Lilly Singh
Image Source: Instagram via Lilly Singh

Using the music of three Bollywood hits – ‘Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai’ from the 90’s hit “Khalnayak”, ‘All Izz Well’ from “3 Idiots” and ‘Aankh Marey’ from Rohit Shetty’s latest “Simba”, the ‘Superwoman’ has notched up her game.

“I love Bollywood and I love rap music. So I decided to let my worlds collide by turning some of my favorite songs into rap songs! And while I was at it, I thought, why not make them little motivational anthems that speak to causes close to my heart?” wrote Singh while sharing the video.

As Lilly Singh recently became first Desi women to get her own late-night show; she showcases her power with ‘Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai’ by taking on stereotypical objectification of women, and talks about strong, badass ladies and how women rule in every field.

Her rap talk in ‘All Izz Well’ is about mental health and how it is okay to ask for help if one is going through a bad time in their life.

The song ends on a refreshing note with ‘Aankh Marey’, focusing on her sexuality and even touching her coming out story as a bisexual; normalizing it.
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