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Yoga With Dini Is A Journey We Should All Experience

Yoga With Dini Is A Journey We Should All Experience

Yoga With Dini Is A Journey We Should All Experience

Nandini Trivedi, better known as Dini, has been practicing yoga for the past ten years. She started to deepen her practice in college when she volunteered at the internationally renowned Sivananda Yoga Center in Manhattan. She attended positive thinking, philosophy, meditation, and yoga classes, in addition to attending weekly kirtans. She had the opportunity to volunteer at their Bahamas ashram while she was vacationing with her family.

In her free time, Dini loves attending Lyra and aerial silk dancing classes and cooking delicious vegetarian meals for her family. A lover of nature and animals, she is an active member at The New York Botanical Garden, Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, and ISCOWP, where she and her family adopt and rescue cows.

A graduate of the 200HR Atmananda teacher training program in New York City, Dini is also certified in children’s yoga and mindfulness through Yogi Beans and restorative yoga through Yoga Nanda in Garden City. She also teaches yoga for Autism at various locations throughout Long Island. She hopes to heal others through her teachings and help them be free by releasing their emotions of what no longer serves them.

We spoke with Dini about her journey with yoga so far and more.

DissDash: Tell us about your journey from Corporate America to yoga, did your family support your career choice?

Dini: I was working in Healthcare PR for 5 years after going to school in New York City. It was very cutthroat and didn’t fulfill my soul. From the people I was working with to the long hours and way I was being treated, I knew this wasn’t something sustainable for the long term. I lost my job in 2017 and decided that I had enough and would go for yoga training to heal and learn more about my passion. I then started teaching yoga for fun and one class turned into ten into an eventual twenty-five. My mom always supported me but my dad took some time to come around until he realized this was my path and calling and then I got his full support.

Yoga With Dini Is A Journey We Should All Experience

DissDash: What in this career choice is most fulfilling for you?

Dini: I love being able to help others heal emotionally and physically. I also love hearing others’ stories and being their shoulder to lie on or listening to. Anyone who comes to yoga usually has a story or reason why they are turning to this practice.

DissDash: A practice that has its roots in the East, now is a worldwide phenomenon, how do you feel about that?

Dini: The commercialization of yoga certainly upsets me and the way it has become a fad for people who look a certain unattainable way and the practice has lost its purity in the West but as a South Asian yoga teacher, I hope to bring awareness back to the traditional forms of yoga to anyone who attends my classes.

DissDash: Do you also practice meditation or other forms of healing?

Dini: I practice EFT which is rooted in traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses our fingertips to tap on various meridian points on the body to help to release trauma from the nervous system and rewire our thought processes.

DissDash: What is one reason you would recommend yoga to everyone?

Dini: I recommend yoga to everyone because it helps you to get out of your mind and back into your body. It changes the way we think and experience life and situations around us. When we clear our minds and let go of the thought patterns no longer serving us, we are able to live more consciously.

Yoga With Dini Is A Journey We Should All Experience

DissDash: What inspires you?

Dini: The possibility of healing is endless and an ongoing journey. There are always more layers to unfold and clean through, the ability to feel better each day is what gives me hope.

DissDash: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Dini: I see myself working closely with the media and more private clients in the future to help spread further awareness of the power of healing through yoga.

DissDash: What is that one thing that people don’t know about you or misconstrue?

Dini: I don’t think people understand the power of the work I’m doing and how important it is, especially people who are so engulfed in the world of materialism and chasing money and high-paying careers. The world is changing and the healing work is really beginning to awaken and more and more people are turning towards it, so there’s a huge market.

Yoga With Dini Is A Journey We Should All Experience

You can follow Dini’s practice on Instagram @yogawithdini

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