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Lilly Singh No Longer Wants To Lie About Going To The Library

Lilly Singh No Longer Wants To Lie About Going To The Library

Lilly Singh No Longer Wants To Lie About Going To The Library

Surprised? Well, don’t be. Lilly Singh has added another feather to her cap and has officially launched Lilly’s Library – a book club that celebrates South Asian stories.

Sharing the news on social media, she wrote, “It is through stories that we understand ourselves and the world around us. And I know from experience that seeing yourself in a story can have such an incredible impact. It’s a beautiful and magical sensation to feel seen. One in four people on the planet are South Asian, yet our stories are seldom given a platform on a global level. This is my effort to change that and give more people that magical feeling. Readers and authors alike.

So join along as I dive into the colorful world of South Asian literature. My goal is to select books that not only resonate with my Brown people, but that everyone can enjoy. You will either see yourself in a story, or read a perspective you’ve possibly never encountered. In my opinion, both are a win.

So let’s do it team! Unlike during my teenage years, I’m no longer lying about going to the library. I am not meeting up with my secret boyfriend. I’m actually going to read books! And I hope you’ll take this journey with me.”

We are all set for this journey and more with Lilly Singh. The first book will be announced in two days on December 10th. And as per Singh, “it’s a juicy one, full of gup shup.”

Lilly Singh No Longer Wants To Lie About Going To The Library
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Recently she also published her latest book, “Be A Triangle: How I Went From Being Lost to Getting My Life into Shape.”

In her own words, this is unlike anything she has ever written before because she is truly in a mental place she has never been before. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this vulnerable in my writing either. I’ve grown so much spiritually and emotionally over the past two years and a big part of it is due to the ideas I’ve written about in this book. I can genuinely say that the lessons in these pages have improved my life tenfold. They have become a part of my being and are repeated in my every meditation.”

“Whereas How to Be a Bawse focused more on the hustle and achieving goals re your career/aspirations, this book goes a different direction and challenges some very deep-rooted ideas re your life. I’m extremely proud of it and I believe in its message. This book has helped me. So, so much.”

The book will release in April 2022 and you can definitely preorder.

There is also a cherry on top! The book has been illustrated by @paper.samosa which means it’s guaranteed to be fun! We love to see a Desi collab.

Stay tuned for more on Lilly’s Library on December 10th.

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